Clouds Dictionary

Edited by XY contains 18 images selected from the internet

Designed by XY
Case bound Book
56 Pages
17 x 11cm

《Clouds Dictionary》 was inspired by a scene from 《War and Peace》, which described a bloody battle happened in a vibrant and beautiful morning, rolling clouds and smoke mixed together into a beautiful sight. Hence, the artist collected many pictures of the accidental major nature disaster/ phenomenon around the world(no related with human‘s will ), and avoid the disaster itself, entered into the world outside of disaster.
There is a distance between the accidental disaster/ phenomenon and judge causation, this distance is limited, but time is infinite. So sometimes, natural disasters and natural harmony would even incredibly harmonious. After the disappearance of its timeliness, those news pictures witnessed the disaster occurred that still remnants of the power of images. But in this point, this power has nothing to do with the incident itself. From the original news pictures into the world which had stripped from incident itself, the contradictory intertwined, it triggered a new internal logic between occasionality and inevitability.