by Xiaoyi Chen

Designed by Yuyue Liu
Edited and Sequenced by Xiaoyi Chen and Wenting Liu
Published 2014 by PJB Editions

Case bound Book, sewn binding
72 Pages
21.5 x 27.3cm
Edition of 350 copies, signed and numbered
ISBN 978-0-9576314-2-7
Price £30

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In Zen Buddhism, Koan is a story or riddle used to help in the attainment of a state of spontaneous reflection, free from planning and analytical thought. In contradiction to Western philosophy, Koans emphasize the inadequacy of language and words, and the importance of intuition over reason and logic, to transform the self. The work explores beneath the surface of things by simplification and abstraction to awaken spiritual awareness and intuition before the symbolic.

I began the series in 2014 after walking in the magical Icelandic landscape.
All images are photo-etchings printed on a variety of Japanese and other fine art papers.