Spotlight in Pool, Aquarium, Digital Fish,Goldfish,Echometer
音乐music:Hoshiko Yamane + Duenn
尺寸可变  Variable size

“IT IS THE MERCY” from the British female artist Tacita Dean in the 90‘s very important video works “Disappearance at Sea (1996)”, she was based on the British crew Donald Crowhurst participated the competition of sailing the world by Times in the 1968, and launched a series of creation to tell about Crowhurst sailing by himself and he was later disappeared incidentally.

One of the work is that the artist engraved the four words "it is the mercy" on the corridor of the National Maritime Museum, which is taken from the last page of the Crowhurst's sailing diary and the last day he wrote on.

In the context of Tacita‘s work, this sentence implies a natural irresistible force. When I appropriated this sentence into my  work, I put this sentence on the metal stethoscope, we can use the stethoscope to hear the electronic fish make a sound like a heartbeat (general movement), and the real fish instead quietly. The transparent barrier discussed throughout the entire exhibition was stimulated by the absurdity between real fish and electronic fish